Bags of Fun Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
Complete Bags of Fun twice, more details below
Finder DMSwordsmaster

The Bags of Fun glitch is a recently discovered glitch that occurs in TimeSplitters 2, during the challenge Bags of Fun. The glitch basically involves an error in updating records for multiple completions of the challenge, and causes mild annoyance and difficulties in meeting requirements. The cause of the glitch is very similar to the cause of an infamous glitch, the Playing with Fire Glitch.


During Bags of Fun, if you were to get a silver trophy as a result of getting 7 bags, which is normally the requierment for Gold, but allowing the other team to get one bag, you cannot get gold for getting the same amount of bags, sans the other team scoring. This is due to rather awkward programming; The records do not keep track of how many bags the other team has, and thusly, getting 7 bags again does not change the data of the record (it remains 7 bags), causing the game to get confused and fail to earn you a gold. The simpliest way to overcome this glitch is to do the challenge and get a better score than before, though given the difficult nature of the challenge in question, this no doubt will prove to be an annoying problem to overcome, especially if one suffering from the glitch simply isn't good at Capture the Bag in general.

This gltich also most likely occurs for getting Bronze, Silver, or Platinum.

The simpliest way to avoid the glitch is to ensure the other team does not score by any means, or making sure you get more than seven bags.

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