Badass Buspass Impasse
Badass Buspass Impasse
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Location Streets
Character Badass Cyborg
Targets Sgt. Shock
Private Coal
Lt. Shade
Trooper Black
Capt. Night
Baby Drone
Reaper Splitter

Badass Cyborg
Medal Requirements

Badass Buspass Impasse is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge. It involves going through the Streets level and picking up a brain and returning to the start. Much like the style of the TimeSplitters 1 Story levels.

Briefing Edit

Badass Cyborg is having one of those days. First of all he loses his buspass and now he's realised that his spare brain is on the other side of town. It's not going to be easy going to get it back on foot. Especially when Special Forces have been deployed...again!

Strategy Edit

Make sure Weapon Change is set to Never as you don't want the wrong weapon auto-selecting at the wrong time. If you want a platinum then time is your main consideration rather than enemies. Playing through in a good steady manner should achieve a silver & probably a gold. As you move forward at the start ignore the first 2 enemies (they only have pistols which arn't a great threat & you don't need to pick them up), the 3rd enemy is a lieutenant (female soldier) who appears from around a corner to the right. Kill her with an Aim Mode head-shot from either the pistol or rifle whichever you prefer, pick up her Soviet S47 then select it & use it for the rest of the challenge. You need to make your way to the far end of the level & back, if you want a platinum then stick to the street the whole time shooting & grenading the enemies in front of you as best you can but don't worry about the enemies behind you. If you are happy with a lesser award then use a similar method of shooting the enemies in front as you go but there is a safer but slower route you can take through the buildings, shortly after you have gone under the first bridge & turned to your right there's an entrance to the right go in here, up the stairs & follow it along, killing 2 enemies on the way, this brings you out right by the brain, when you've got it you can follow the same route back, probably killing some more enemies on the way back, when you come back to the street again you need to turn left.

Trivia Edit

  • You can set yourself an alternative challenge on this game, by trying to kill all the enemies before you complete it this is possible as the TimeSplitters do not continue to respawn. Scoring a gold in this way would be a real achievement, especially as it's necessary to wait for a few seconds to be sure the enemies are all dead.
  • According to the briefing, special forces have been deployed before. This is also noted on Captain Night's biography, as he apparently likes to deploy his troops often.
  • It's not clear why the special forces are after the cyborg although he may be wanted for the Cyberden raid but there is no evidence to support this.
  • The music that plays during this challenge is the TS1 Streets theme, instead of the TS2 version.