Autoguns refer to the automated defenses throughout the series. They usually act as an obstacle for the player while some can be remotely controlled to be used against their owners, if the player can locate their terminals.



Automated turrets make several appearances in the original TimeSplitters.

Mansion Edit

Autoguns take the form of deer heads mounted on the mansion's walls. They fire on the player from barrels concealed within their mouths.

Other Edit

More conventional machinegun turrets with cameras in Chinese, Chemical Plant and Docks, with Spaceways featuring Raygun round and rocket launching turrets.

TimeSplitters 2 Edit

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An Autogun attacking the player.

Timesplitters 2's Autoguns recieved a buff from their predessecors with frightning accuracy and speed with rapid fire bursts to back.

Not only do they feature in Story Mode but also aid in Blue Team's defense in Assault Mode on Arcade maps. They do however explode when they recieve enough damage but can be neutralised by shooting the small screen mounted on the side of the gun.

Story Edit

Siberia Edit

A ceiling autogun is found in Normal and Hard difficulties. It protects the generator room and will fire upon the player when they try to access the control panels to open access to the lower levels.

Return to Planet X Edit

Two mounted guns protect the teleport leading into the interior of the crashed UFO. They can acquire targets from a large distance and shoot them with slow green plasma rounds that are easy to dodge.

Atomsmasher Edit

A gatling armed ceiling turret can be found in the corridor leading out of the starting area next to exit. It is not automated but can be remotely controlled from the terminal in the room next to the laser room on Easy and Normal. They can help clear some of Khallos' Henchmen patrolling the hallways.

On Normal and Hard, the first automated ground emplacement is encountered just before the first checkpoint. Two ground emplacements are later located further towards the second fire, on top of a container next to the third bomb and later on in the curved hallway. Another can be found in corridors just before the control room which disables the lasers leading to the reactor. All four are automated and will fire upon Cortez immediately.

Arcade Edit

Autoguns serve as Blue Team's defense against the player and any entourage he/she may bring in Assault Mode.

Training Grounds Edit

Four autoguns can be found in this level, three mounted on the walls of the buildings in Red Team's and Blue Team's bases and a floor mounted one next to the main building in the latter's base. They are remotely controlled.

  • The turrets in the Blue Team Base, on Assault, become automated and an additional roof stationed floor gun protects the entrance into the valley near Red base, where several more can be found.

Hangar Edit

Several autoguns are placed to stifle Red Team's advance towards the plane, in the hangar. These must be disabled or destroyed as part of the first Assault Stage. Some are mounted on the ceilings, the fuselage of the plane and some on the floor.

Scrapyard Edit

What makes these autoguns different from the other two Assault Maps is that they are different and use different types of ammunition.


These guns dish out damage that equals to the Plasma Autorifle. They shoot out these respective rounds rapidly.


Deadly turrets that quickly fire fully charged Lasergun shots with surgical precision. Four defend the entrance leading into the scrapyard's inner complex. A few more are found next to a stairway surrounding a large pit.


Slower firing turrets launch rockets at and after the cooling towers much like the Rocket Launcher's. They are accurate and deadly, given to the nature of their munitions.

Grenade Edit

Much like their Rocket counterparts, these turrets shoot out Grenade Launcher rounds at the enemy. They can be considered less dangerous than the other variants but one must be careful as their shots scatter into clusters after they hit the ground and explode on a timer or contact. Two are encountered in total, above and immediately after the entrance to the inner Scrapyard.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

These autoturrets have been given several nerfs compared to their predessecors but can be seen using a variety of ammunition. They generally turn slower towards their target but are just as deadly and accurate.

Story Edit

Breaking and Entering Edit

Inactive Autoguns dot the interior of the building and will activate when Cortez triggers the alarm. One is also remotely used to protect Amy Chen from security forces before she locks the player out.

U Genius U Genix Edit

In some parts of the level, the player will encounter and rarely use Railbots.

The Machine War Edit

Several autoguns are lined up on a fortress wall near some trenches and around the worker's entrance, to cut down the advancing rebels. They utilise plasma bolts against the enemy.

Multiplayer Edit

Most Autoguns are found in the Assault Levels, with various types, though they are placeable in MapMaker levels.

Assault Edit

In all of Assault Maps, these autoguns fire upon the attackers, including the players. They are split into two types: Heavy Autocannons and Ceiling mounted autoguns. The former are larger and more powerful than their smaller counterparts.

Mapmaker Edit

The autoguns are once again placeable in MapMaker levels and in all modes. They can be set to only attack players on the opposite teams to that which they're assigned to. A Switch can also be used to control the one that is connected to it.

Much like the normal Gun Emplacements, their ammunition and scan radius can be changed. Their mounting can also be toggled from ceiling or floor and can range from bullets, to rockets to even Injector syringes.

Like in TimeSplitters 2, each Autogun has a status indicator in the form of a coloured light, though they have one additional mode now; an alternating pink/yellow light for when a target is detected but is outside of the turret's offensive range.


  • Horror: Silver, boxy steam punk turret with a single gatling barrel. The ceiling version is an aging golden dome turret.
  • Military: Similar to their manual counterparts, but without a shield and a camera on top.
  • Lab: Similar to their manual counterparts, but without a shield and a camera on the side. The light indicator is strangely separated from the camera and is placed on top.
  • VR: Very large with twin-barrels and a side-mounted camera. Ceiling turret is a red virtual style version of its Horror counterpart.
  • Egyptian: Vickers Machine gun with a camera mounted on top.