Astro Jocks
Astro jocks
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Slash 'N Grab
Mode Elimination
Map Spaceport
Character Candi Skyler
Enemies Encountered Security
Private Hicks
The General
Neophyte Lucian
Mordecai Jones
Rewards None
Medal Requirements Bronze : 1st
Silver : 1st in 02:30.0
Gold : 1st in 02:15.0
Platinum : 1st in 02:00.0
World Record : 1st in 01:24.1

In Astro Jocks, you act as Candi Skyler and it's an Elimination match. It is widely considered difficult because it is set in Spaceport, a route map, where the only way to kill enemies in the opposite base is through a few small gaps. This is considered one of the hardest Arcade League matches in TimeSplitters Future Perfect due to the amount of luck with the bots needed to obtain even the lesser medals.

Briefing Edit

Candi's had just enough of the jibes going round the academy - and if one more person makes a comment about the fullness of her double moons then there's gonna be ructions. Well, today it's combat training with live plasma ammo so this is her chance to wipe those silly locker room grins off of the boys' faces.

Strategy Edit

Try for a lot of head shots, however on Security, The General, and Cortez you will need to stick a plasma-grenade to their face to kill them. Also, get very lucky. Try and stay in the middle of the map and stock up on plasma grenades when you are low. If all the enemies are across the map, try to blow yourself up with a plasma grenade to hopefully spawn closer to them.