In Village on Story, your objective is to collect the cursed artifact, which has the appearance of an hourglass or sand timer, and return it to the start for 'deeper research'. You play as either Doctor Seth Graven or Doctor Katje Nadir, in a village full of Mutants, as well as signs of Alien visits. It would appear that this artifact is the source of these mutations, as the villagers, whether under influence or by their own accord, seem intent on protecting the artifact or at least preventing the player escaping with it alive. Finding the artifact triggers the appearance of TimeSplitters, which might suggest like the other objective pickups in the game it is an anomaly in time from which the TimeSplitters draw power.

The artefact itself resembles a large hourglass, comprised of two dark glass bulbs, carved wooden supports and a long twisting carving around the neck which resembles a snake. The hourglass emits an eerie light and is found on its side either at the port or deep in the cliff caverns beside the Village.

Unlike all the other Story levels reused for Arcade which feature their individual item for BagTag and Knockout, Village's BagTag and Knockout item isn't the hourglass artifact, but rather a lobster.

The hour glass is available in the TimeSplitters 2 Mapmaker as the story mode pickup item "Artefact" or "Artifact" (spelling dependent on game region).

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