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Arcade Awards are awards given for various reasons in Arcade Custom mode. Getting all of them does not unlock anything in the games, but it is something advanced players often like to try and achieve after completing everything else the games have to offer. Note, however, that not all of these awards are available in every TimeSplitters games.

TimeSplitters 2 & TimeSplitters Future Perfect (FP) Arcade Awards Edit

Most Lethal Edit

  • Kill more people than anyone else.

Most Losses Edit

  • Get killed the most.

Lemming Award Edit

  • Commit suicide often.

Most Professional Edit

  • Don't shoot people in the back or run away; play 'professionally'.
  • Contributor's note - Looks like another useless guess from the strategy guides. Exact criterion to qualify: Get 6 kills within 6 seconds of each other starting 6 seconds after the match starts. Google it or click here: Most Professional

Multi Kill Edit

  • Kill enemies in groups often.

Longest Spree Edit

  • Kill the most enemies quickly between deaths.

Most Effective Edit

  • Achieve success tactically i.e. go after those who pose the most serious threat, or score lots in Capture the Bag. (Contributor's note: this does not work. Google it or watch the video: Most Effective.)

Pathetic Shot Edit

  • Bad or inaccurate shooting.

Maniac Edit

  • Play with little regard to your own safety. Run towards enemies who are firing at you.

I Hit Dead People (TS:FP only) Edit

  • Shoot the bots bodies while they are dying & after they are dead.

Brain Surgeon Edit

  • Frequently headshot the enemy.

Fists Of Fury Edit

Glass Jaw Edit

  • Take a lot of damage from other people's fists. Video: Glass Jaw

Decapitator Edit

Fists Of Steel Edit

  • Punch enemies when playing as a robot. Works best decapitating zombies. Video: Fists Of Steel
  • Contributor's note: This can be unlocked while playing as any character. Simply punch effectively for an entire match (have high accuracy, kill enemies with as few hits as possible, kill enemies in groups, etc.)

Betrayer (TS2) / Traitor (TS:FP) Edit

  • Shoot members of your own team in a team-based mode.

Vandal Edit

  • Destroy destructible objects often.

Hypochondriac Edit

  • Run over the health when your health bar is nearly full. Video: Hypochondriac

AC-10 Award Edit

  • Run over the armour when you already have full or nearly full armour. Video: AC-10 Award

Where's The Health? Edit

Where's The Armor? Edit

Hoarder Edit

  • Collect weapons but don't use them.

Sloth Edit

  • Move slowly or not at all.

Most Frantic Edit

  • Don't stop moving at all.

Backpeddler Edit

  • Run backwards a lot.

Sidestepper Edit

  • Strafe a lot.

Ledgehopper Edit

  • Jumping to your death off cliffs or high ledges e.g. Chasm.

Most Sneaky Edit

  • Kill enemies by taking their back.

Most Cowardly Edit

  • Run away from firefights. Shoot enemies who don't see you in the back or from a long distance. Blow up enemies from above with explosives from the bridges in Chasm.

Dodger Edit

  • Crouch for the entire match.

Most Outgunned Edit

  • Use the worst weapons available to you or fight with fists against armed enemies.

Best Equipped Edit

  • Use the map's best weapons. (Contributor's note: this does not work in TimeSplitters 2 (TS2). This is a video for TS2: Best Equipped)

Weapons Expert Edit

  • Use all of the weapons available to you. (Contributor's note: This method is highly ineffective. Google it or watch the video: Weapons Expert)

Unlucky To Lose Edit

  • Lose the match by a narrow margin. It reportedly has been won in a Capture the Bag game lost badly.

Porter Edit

  • Secure your bag (Capture the Bag) often. Video: Porter

Bag Man Edit

Most Useless Edit

  • Contribute nothing to a Capture the Bag match. It is a Capture the Bag Award like Porter & Bag Man. Be sure to have at least one bot on your team. Video: Most Useless

Ricochet King Edit

  • Produce lots of ricochets. Use the Sci-Fi Handgun to get this with no effort.

Underequipped Edit

  • Fight armed enemies with fists or the weakest weapon.

Victim Edit

  • Get killed repeatedly by the same enemy. Video: Victim

Bully Edit

  • Pick on just one enemy. Works best in multi-player mode, player 1 kills player 2 over & over for example. In single player, play as a robot or Stone Golem & use the flamethrower or another high kill rate weapon (minigun, SBP-90) against 8-10 bots & kill them all repeatedly. Video: Bully

Most Peaceful Edit

  • Score no kills.

Most Dishonourable Edit

  • Shoot enemies in the back.

Most Manic Edit

  • Run and fire continuously.

Cartographer? Edit

  • Run around a level and examine every part of it carefully. (Contributor's note: just select Bots: None. Video: Cartographer?)

Shortest Innings Edit

  • Get killed quickly and often. Fight 10 bots; equip all with the ElectroTool or other fast kill weapon.

Longest Innings Edit

  • Stay alive for a very long time.

Survivor Edit

  • Survive with low health for a long time.

Marksmanship Edit

  • Have high accuracy, killing opponents with the fewest shots possible. VERY hard to get in TS2. Easy in Future Perfect, just play the Zeppelin, pick up the Mag-Charger, hit up on the d-pad to select infra red mode, aim and zoom in to enter Piercing Mode, then shoot enemies through the walls & floor.

Sniper Edit

  • Kill enemies with sniper weapons.

Most Flammable Edit

  • Frequently get set on fire.

Most Damaging (TS:FP) Edit

  • Do the most overall damage. Contributor's note: Get the maximum number of simultaneous kills, i.e. MultiKill more than anyone else. Here is an easy way to get it: Team Deathmatch, Custom
    Weapons - plasma grenades only, player 1 on any team versus all bots on any other team, get the Cloak pickup, then throw a plasma grenade at the bots clustered around the health pickup while you are cloaked.

Persistence Award Edit

  • Play the game for more than 50 hours. Play an arcade match after playing 50 hours to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Traveller award Edit

  • Travel more than 500 miles during the course of the whole game. Play an arcade match after travelling 500 miles to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Trigger Happy Edit

  • Fire more than 500,000 bullets during the course of the whole game. The ElectroTool has the highest fire rate. Play an arcade match after firing 500,000 bullets to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Insomniac Award Edit

  • Play for more than 2 hours after midnight. Play an arcade match afterwards to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Beheader Award Edit

  • Knock off more than 200 heads during the course of the whole game. Play an arcade match afterward to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Smasher Award Edit

  • Smash more than 500 breakable items during the course of the whole game. Play an arcade match afterward to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Brutality Award Edit

  • Kill more than 100 civilians in TS2's story mode. This award is unavailable in TS:FP. Play an arcade match after killing 100 or more civilians to see the award on View Arcade Awards.

Golden Oldie Award Edit

  • Play as classic characters from TimeSplitters 1 (Insect Mutant, Chinese Chef etc) more than 25 times. Play an arcade match afterward to see the award on View Arcade Awards.