Angel Perez
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2020
Related Characters Sebastian Photon (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters

Angel Perez is a female space traveller who visited Planet X in the year 2020. She wears futuristic-looking clothing with a light blue and cream colour scheme.



TS1 Angel Perez Small Angel Perez

Unlock Complete the first set of three Story missions
Gesture Taps arm wrist device saying "Ready?" then jumps on a passing hover scooter.

Angel's first and only appearance was in the first game where she had the role of being one of the female Story protagonists.


2020, Planet XEdit

Main article: Planet X (Story)

Angel featured as the female protagonist of the Planet X Story mission. She, alongside Sebastian Photon, had been trusted with the mission to recover the hostage cyberbrain.


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