Adios Amigos
Ze TSWiki Arcade 7 Adios Amigos
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Beginners' Series
Mode Deathmatch
Map Mexican Mission
Character Elijah Jones
Enemies Encountered Venus Starr
Ramona Sosa
Lean Molly
Hector Baboso
Jared Slim
Rewards Silver: Hector Baboso
Gold: Lean Molly
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 Kills
Silver: 10 Kills in 5 min 0.0 secs
Gold: 10 Kills in 3 min 0.0 secs
Platinum: 10 Kills in 0 min 40.0 secs
Record: 00:16.5 (Quochendov)

Adios Amigos is the first match you'll face in the very challenging Arcade League. Although it may seem easy, the league matches get more difficult as you complete and unlock more of them.


Everyone was enjoying a siesta at the mission until that dirty dog Hector Baboso decided to liven things up. Now everyone's at each others throats! Make 10 Kills within ten minutes for a trophy!


There's a lot of good weapons to be used here, so just pick up one that suits your needs and start killing. The Plasma Autorifle is a good choice for this one. Going for gold is easy, but going for a platinum is easier said than done, as it's quite difficult to secure a platinum due to the lack of enemies and time in this match.

  • Some additional tips to help get platinum if lucky, is to get yourself set on fire, so that way you can run into enemies setting them on fire as well. If they die from the flames, you will score a kill. It is also a good strategy to shoot them while they are on fire so they will die quicker. If you play well, you should get 10 kills before you die. If you find 2 enemies together, try to run into both of them, getting in between them can be helpful, then start shooting one of them (preferably the stronger of the two) and hope the other one dies from the flames. Be aware that if they run into other enemies setting them alight, it won't add to your score if they die, but enemies who are on fire will start to lose health, so they should be fairly quick to kill depending on how strong they are. Also, be aware that Ramona Sosa will head for the fountain to put the flames out if she's set on fire, so keep shooting her if she's near the fountain. You will need a lot of luck to get a platinum, sometimes the 40 seconds seems to run out before you've even seen 10 enemies. The best place to start is probably somewhere near the front left corner (as viewed from the courtyard) of the mission building, so consider restarting if you don't start there. Go to the where the Flamethrower is in that area, and hopefully an enemy will show up and pick the Flamethrower up. Let them set you alight and tag them to set them alight as well, then shoot them and carry on from there. The Plasma Autorifle is probably the best weapon, as you can shoot plasma grenades onto the enemies, giving an instant kill once they explode. The Shotgun, which can be found inside the mission building, is also useful at close range. It is best to stay out in the courtyard, as enemies can be seen more often, and the radar is more useful as there are no upper or lower floors, but you might not find enough enemies outside to get a platinum.


  • Although this is a Deathmatch, it doesn't matter if other characters get 10 kills before you do, as long as you get your 10 within the time limit, so this will not result in a fail. This is the same situation with Casualty, the other Beginners' Series deathmatch.