An example of a code, Air Walk (A/B/X) (by

An Exploit is a type of cheat that can be used for TimeSplitters 2 and Timesplitters Future Perfect to unlock all Story levels, Arcade levels, and even unlock the Gothic Tileset. Codes can be made using Gecko, Action Replay, GameShark and various cheating devices to modify the game's memory. Most cheats here by Action Replay or another hacker. These codes will allow players to save progress in story and obtain arcade awards if they are activated instead of the game's internal codes that are unlockable.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

  • (M) (Datel)

C427768C 0000FF00

  • Inf Ammo/No Reloads

04122D9C 60000000
04122D70 60000000

  • Infinite Health Story/Challenge

0401E5C8 2C1E0000
0401E5CC 4082005C
0401E5D0 60000000
0401E5D4 FC200090

  • Infinite Health Arcade Mode

0401F6E4 2C1F0000
0401F6E8 4082005C
0401F6EC 60000000

  • All Cut Scenes


  • All Story Levels

04614360 FFFFFFFF

  • All Challenge Levels

04614378 FFFFFFFF

  • Full Gallery

04614364 FFFFFFFF
02614388 0005FFFF
02614398 0003FFFF

  • R+A to Freeze Timer

0A3B7AF8 00000120
041504E0 60000000

  • R+B to Restart Timer

0A3B7AF8 00000220
041504E0 7C030214

  • Field of View Modifier + Widescreen

028C1F0C 08000000
0A3B7AF8 00000042
0446F368 3F000000
0A3B7AF8 00000041
0446F368 XXXX0000
0A3B7AF8 00000050
0446F368 3FB00000
0A3B7AF8 00000240
0446F368 3F800000
0A3B7AF8 00000140
0446F368 3F400000
0A3B7AF8 00000021
0446DF70 3F9B4852
0A3B7AF8 00000022
0446DF70 3F6AAAAB
0A3B7AF8 00000028
0446DF70 3FCBE5F9
0A3B7AF8 00000024
0446DF70 3FFC83A0

Note: The values for "XXXX" can be adjusted to whatever field of view value you want when you press L+Dpad left. Values 3FC0 and up will invert the vertical view to be upside down. Values between 3E00 and 3FB0 adjusts the camera angle in a normal view. The widescreen values are changed by pressing R with D-pad buttons. The R+D-pad left adjusts the screen ratio to 16:9, R+D-pad right changes that to 4:3, R+D-pad up changes it to 1:85.1 and R+D-pad down causes the ratio to be 21:9.
  • Max Playing Time (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614168 72FC6F7C

  • Max Total Games (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

0461415C 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Total Kills (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

0461416C 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Bullets Fired (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

0461417C 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Accuracy (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614180 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Limbs Detached (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

0461419C 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Glass Smashed (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

046141A0 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Melons Burst (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

046141A4 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Played as Monkey (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

406137A4 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Most Kills Without Dying (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614174 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Longest Killing Spree (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614178 7FFFFFFF

  • Max Splitters Dispatched (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614300 7FFFFFFF

  • Max UFOs Spotted (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

0461430C 7FFFFFFF

  • No Losses (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614170 00000000

  • No Animal Cruelty (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614308 00000000

  • No Civilian Casualties (Profile) (Jason Haffner)

04614304 00000000

  • 3rd Person Mode (donny2112)

041F788C 38600001

  • Air Walk Rise/Fall/Normal (A/B/X) (Twilight Spectre)

04401BB8 3D88888D
04401BBC BD88888D
04051558 483B05C4
04401B1C 3DE08040
04401B20 61EF1BC0
04401B24 906F0008
04401B28 80630000
04401B2C 3FA08030
04401B30 63BD8423
04401B34 1DC30084
04401B38 7DDD70AE
04401B3C 280E0040
04401B40 40820024
04401B44 C38FFFF8
04401B48 48000008
04401B4C C38FFFFC
04401B50 7DC379AE
04401B54 806F0008
04401B58 C3A300F4
04401B5C FC1DE02A
04401B60 4800003C
04401B64 280E0080
04401B68 4182FFE4
04401B6C 280E0020
04401B70 40820008
04401B74 7DC379AE
04401B78 7DCF18AE
04401B7C 2C0E0040
04401B80 4182000C
04401B84 2C0E0080
04401B88 40820008
04401B8C 48000014
04401B90 806F0008
04401B94 D00300F4
04401B98 48000014
04401B9C D00300F4
04401BA0 806F0008
04401BA4 81CF000C
04401BA8 91C30158
04401BAC 4BC4F9B0

  • Player 1 Plasma Autorifle & Minigun Don't Overheat (Twilight Spectre)

10308423 00000000
424013C8 026E3F44

  • Player 2 Plasma Autorifle & Minigun Don't Overheat (Twilight Spectre)

103084A7 00000000
424013CC 026E3F44

  • Player 3 Plasma Autorifle & Minigun Don't Overheat (Twilight Spectre)

1030852B 00000000
424013D0 026E3F44

  • Player 4 Plasma Autorifle & Minigun Don't Overheat (Twilight Spectre)

103085AF 00000000
424013D4 026E3F44

  • All Guns In All Modes (Twilight Spectre)

042791F0 4BD88810
04124550 48000004
0404DD50 60000000
04001A00 3CC08040
04001A04 60C613C8
04001A08 3926000C
04001A0C 80A60000
04001A10 2C050000
04001A14 41820034
04001A18 38A50A3F
04001A1C 38E000FF
04001A20 3905006C
04001A24 7C054000
04001A28 41820010
04001A2C 38A50004
04001A30 98E50000
04001A34 4BFFFFF0
04001A38 7C064800
04001A3C 4182000C
04001A40 38C60004
04001A44 4BFFFFC4
04001A48 4E800020

  • Make Desert Eagle Playable

040050A0 44657365
040050A4 72742045
040050A8 61676C65
040050B0 44657365
040050B4 72742045
040050B8 61676C65
040050BC 20287832
040050C0 29000000
04311C44 00000006
04311CAC 40000000
04311CE4 00000001
04311CF8 00000000
04311D94 00000001
04311DA8 00000000
04311F98 00000265
04311FE0 00000266
42469618 04CA8000
42469618 04CB50A0
42469618 04CC8000
42469618 04CD50B0

  • Unlock Every Weapon (Including Beta Weapons)

041B294C 60000000

  • Unlock Every Weapon in Map Maker (Including Beta Weapons)

040853F4 60000000
04085518 60000000
04085534 381C0000
040855A0 60000000
040855B8 381C0000
04085994 60000000
04085A0C 60000000
04085A28 41810010

  • Gothic Tile Set (Twilight Spectre)

4C3AC904 636B0074
0A3B7AF8 00000400
002C006F 00000004

  • Beat Mission 1: Siberia Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802CB0DF
00000005 000A0024

  • Beat Mission 2: Chicago Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802FE917
00000005 000B0024

  • Beat Mission 3: Notre Dame Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802FAC87
00000005 00070024

  • Beat Mission 4: Return To Planet X Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802DC6CF
00000005 00070024
002DC6DB 00000005

  • Beat Mission 5: Neo Tokyo Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802F68F7
00000005 00090024

  • Beat Mission 6: Wild West Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802D3717
00000005 00070024

  • Beat Mission 7: Atom Smasher Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802C572B
00000005 00060024

  • Beat Mission 8: Aztec Ruins Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802F317F
00000005 00040024

  • Beat Mission 9: Robot Factory Instantly (Story Mode)

00000000 802E5E6F
00000005 00070024

  • Beat Mission 10: Space Station Instantly (Collect Crystal) (Story Mode)

00000000 802C0D57
00000005 00040024

  • 1st Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013C8 00129F10
424013C8 0000099C

  • 2nd Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013CC 00129F10
424013CC 0000099C

  • 3rd Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013D0 00129F10
424013D0 0000099C

  • 4th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013D4 00129F10
424013D4 0000099C

  • 5th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013D8 00129F10
424013D8 0000099C

  • 6th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013DC 00129F10
424013DC 0000099C

  • 7th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013E0 00129F10
424013E0 0000099C

  • 8th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013E4 00129F10
424013E4 0000099C

  • 9th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013E8 00129F10
424013E8 0000099C

  • 10th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013EC 00129F10
424013EC 0000099C

  • 11th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013F0 00129F10
424013F0 0000099C

  • 12th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013F4 00129F10
424013F4 0000099C

  • 13th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013F8 00129F10
424013F8 0000099C

  • 14th Loaded Player Size Modifier (Twilight Spectre)

404013FC 00129F10
424013FC 0000099C

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

The codes to this game are found in the Action Replay Central site here. They have to be entered other wise it won't display any codes.